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Our radiotherapy of 6 courses has visible changes to the laxity of skin tissues

Our radiofrequency of 6 courses has visible changes to the laxity of skin tissue this lady has had five out of the six 10 minute courses!

A completely safe procedure clinically proven to help smooth fine lines to deep wrinkles for those who don't want to undergo the drastic cosmetic surgery.

This here is one of our lovely client who has recently had the treatment of radio frequency, here is a before and after picture of the results and also some feedback – I’ve been looking for an anti ageing treatment for a long time now. I was desperate but didn’t want Botox, as I was looking on the internet I came across a treatment called radio frequency. I did a little research on it, I thought it seemed good, I found a salon that did it and, rang them up and straight away felt comfortable as they knew what they were on about. It comes in blocks of 60 minutes so I did mine in three lots of 20 minutes. You can see a result more or less straight away. I will definitely be going back for more and would highly recommend the treatment and the salon!!!